Change Catalyst
Proven abilities in strategic planning and political action
Community Leader
Developed and implemented a broad range of programs
Social Service
I fulfilled my wish to do something for the community


Developed and implemented practical solutions to the community’s needs by serving new Canadians, immigrants, youth, women, seniors and the working poor.


Implements a cultural competency and diversity plan that considers all socioeconomic parameters of the policy.


Committed and organized. Actively seeks and embraces new ideas and demonstrates a willingness to develop and improve.


Always strives to be financially responsible and solvent, conducting fiscal management in a manner that supports mission, values, and annual performance objectives

Lifetime Achievement

Charan Gill is the founding president of Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society and for the past 30 years has been working as the CEO of the Society. Under his leadership, the Society has effectively addressed the socio-economic needs of the community at large. He has taken his many years of experience as a Social Worker and Community Activist to work on developing and implementing practical solutions to the community’s needs. For over 40 years, he has worked directly with immigrants, youth, seniors and the working poor.

What others say about Charan Gill

Charan is a diligent PICS ambassador who works tirelessly day and night for the society because it is his personal and professional mission to ensure the society remains strong financially and socially. He works hard to ensure that PICS remains not only financially stable but also grows, , and because of his hard work while we see organizations closing doors PICS is growing and fulfilling its mission, vision and mandate. This is indeed not an ordinary achievement.
In addition to giving to establishing PICS, Charan also, established the Deol Agricultural Society, Canadian Anti-Racism and Education Society and the Rainbow Community Health Co-operative (RCHC). Through these organizations PICS was able to assist newcomers, immigrants, seniors, women, children, youth and anyone else requiring assistance. Charan has devoted his life to working towards the betterment of his community because he believes that all people have the right to exercise their democratic rights and to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.
Charan is known in the community for his honesty, integrity, diligence, consideration, compassion and extending his hand to all irrespective to race, gender, class, ethnicity and religion. He has received numerous awards and medals for his work in the past. He works from his heart and never seems to tire.
Not only has Charan done path breaking work in integrating communities together over the last 30 years, but a greater understanding between various ethnic groups and governments that exist today is largely because of the work that Charan has done in ensuring that effective governance can happen only when governments are more culturally sensitive towards minorities in Canada.