PICS Society’s vision is to build a healthy and just society which values and respects all cultures and its mission is to promote harmony and intercultural understanding for the purpose of building a more inclusive and mutually respectful society. We’re proud to say the Society, under the guidance of CEO Dr. Charan Gill, has done just that over the past 30 years! PICS has effectively addressed the socio-economic needs of the multicultural community and has developed and implemented practical solutions to the community’s needs by serving new Canadians, immigrants, youth, women, seniors and the working poor. The leadership team and Dr. Gill are experienced, respected, and well connected politically at the local, provincial, and national level. Dr. Gill and members of the leadership team are frequently consulted by service industry representatives, government leaders, and elected representatives for their expertise in service delivery issues at the local, provincial, and national level. Dr. Gill is committed, organized and actively seeks and embraces new ideas and demonstrates a willingness to develop and improve the Society’s existing services. He is aware of what should be accomplished and has the necessary commitment and abilty to accomplish these goals.


Dr. Gill has ensured that PICS always strives to be financially responsible and solvent, conducting fiscal management in a manner that supports the Society’s mission, values, and annual performance objectives. Dr. Gill started PICS with a budget of $80.00 and has over the years through his leadership and vision managed to build the society to an extent that today PICS has an operating budget of $8.5 million and boasts of employing around 130 people. PICS fiscal practices adhere to established accounting principles and business practices. Under his leadership PICS has expanded its revenue sources to include not only government funding but also funding from private donors and other organizations such as United Way. Fiscal management at PICS covers daily operational cost management and incorporates plans for long-term solvency. Key areas addressed are: budget(s) preparation and sharing which is reflective of strategic planning; reporting of financial results /comparisons to budgeted performance; organizational review; fiscal policies and procedures; review of service billing records and fee structure; financial review/audit; and safeguarding funds of persons served.


PICS benefits from many long-term staff members who report a good level of team support within the organization and this would not have been a possibility if it wasn’t for Dr. Gill’s leadership qualities as well as his caring nature. Dr. Gill has always led by example and there is an impressive bonding that occurs and an effective level of understanding and concern that exists between the staff members and the persons served. PICS is recognized for its knowledgeable, passionate, and committed staff members who provide caring and individualized services to the persons served in both the Employment and Settlement programs. PICS Seniors Housing programs are supported by staff members who are passionate about their work, love the residents, are positive and engaged, and are focused on the philosophy of health and wellness. All staff members are committed to the resident-centred philosophy and mission statement. Staff members are known to “go that extra mile” to make the residents feel comfortable and at home in their new environment.


Under his leadership, the Society demonstrates a clear commitment to person-centred planning and continuous quality improvement in the services it offers. The persons served, families, and referring agencies derive significant benefit from its services and hold the organization in high regard. Dr. Gill envisioned to build a culturally sensitive complex care home for seniors in the community of Cloverdale. With the help of fundraisers and community support, Dr. Gill has ensured that land for the project is bought. He is now actively lobbying all political parties at all levels to acquire funding for this much needed facility for our seniors. Existing programs are constantly being expanded and new programs are being developed – mental health, seniors, youth, family violence, families, and volunteers. A sustainable funding base has been developed to increase general revenue through an Annual Gala, two SEWA Social enterprises, $1 Million in new proposals, and ten corporate sponsors. Also, the use of radiothons to collect funds for PICS Charitable foundation has been incorporated in PICS strategic planning. Another strategic priority is the expansion of partnerships and existing services beyond the South Asian community. Increases in measurable Board, workforce, and program opportunities for diverse cultures and ethnicities were implemented.


Dr. Gill embraces the values of accountability and responsibility to the Society’s stated mission. He ensures the Society demonstrates corporate social responsibility in these key areas: leadership structure; leadership guidance; commitment to diversity; corporate responsibility; and corporate compliance. The Society implements a cultural competency and diversity plan that considers all socioeconomic parameters of the policy. PICS is the first organization in all of North America to have pioneered seniors housing with culturally sensitive delivery programs. This is also the first facility of its kind accredited by CARF in Canada. PICS considers senior care as a community responsibility and therefore lobbied successfully to build first an independent seniors housing for low income seniors and subsequently an Assisted Living facility. At PICS Assisted Living facility, the seniors live in a familiar environment where staff speak their language and they eat nutritious foods they are familiar with. PICS culturally sensitive Assisted Living facility received top marks in tenant satisfaction survey conducted by Fraser Health recently. PICS is now committed to providing the next level of care for seniors by actively fund raising to build a multicultural extended care for seniors. This home too will provide culturally appropriate services and will also cater to patients who suffer from dementia and alzhemier’s disease in addition to building a few respite beds for families who can’t attend out of town emergency situations because of lack of trustworthy, homely places where their parents can be cared for. At PICS we have always put the needs of the community before us and this is because of the leadership shown by CEO Dr. Charan Gill.