Key Milestones


In 1987 Charan Gill founded Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society.

Seniors Housing

Developed a 54-unit Multicultural Seniors Independent Housing Facility.

Adult Day Care

Developed a 72-bed Assisted Living Facility and Adult Day Care Centre.

Diversity Village

Developing a 140-unit Multicutlural Seniors Long-term Care Project in Cloverdale.

Harmony House

Developed Second Stage Housing for immigrant women and children fleeing abuse.

PACE Canada College

Developed PACE Canada College in 2010 as a medium to provide education and skills training for disadvantaged in society.

Mega Job Fair

Oversees PICS’ hugely successful Mega Job Fair which is in its tenth year. It has become one of the biggest job fairs in Surrey.

Golden Tree Monument

Instrumental in erecting the Golden Tree Monument in Abbotsford in honour of the three women farm workers who were tragically killed in a van accident in 2007.

Colony Farm

Developed Colony Farm Project to cultivate 167 acres of land organically and provide a training institute.

Canadian Farm Workers Union

Co-founder and Secretary Treasurer of the Canadian Farm Workers Union (CFU).

Farm workers and their Children

Written and published a book titled “Farm workers and their Children”.

Order of British Columbia

Recipient of Order of British Columbia (OBC) in 1999.

Honorary Doctor of Laws

Recipient, Honorary Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa), Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU).

BC Organization to Fight Racism

Established the BC Organization to Fight Racism.

Prevented KKK in BC

Prevented the KKK from establishing themselves in BC.

Deol Agricultural Society

Established the Deol Agricultural Society.

Canadian Anti-Racism Society

Established the Canadian Anti-Racism Society.

Rainbow Community Health Co-operative

Established the Rainbow Community Health Co-operative (RCHC).


Established the Farm and Ranch Safety Health Association (FARSHA).

Beyond Komagata Maru

Organized a conference on race relations and conducted extensive research on this topic. As result of the proceedings of the conference, a book called “Beyond Komagata Maru” was published.